Press Release#

opsZero, DevOps for Startups

opsZero, DevOps for Startups using Cloudflare, AWS, and Kubernetes

Berkeley, CA—April 1, 2016—opsZero builds and maintains Cloud Infrastructure for Startups using Cloudflare, AWS, and Kubernetes. opsZero handles the entire Cloud infrastructure for startups so they can focus on product development. All work is handled through a small inhouse team team that makes use of a wider gig economy workforce and standardized processes.

Startups lack access to DevOps talent as they focus on hiring developers. However, this leads to developers taking on the role of DevOps which they may not fully understand resulting in brittle infrastructure that doesn’t scale with theri infrastructure. By delegating the DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure side of the company to a third party a startup can focus on building features.

opsZero handles the entire Cloud Infrastructure cycle including Edge, Cloud, IAM, Monitoring, Kubernetes, Databases, Data Warehouses. It does this through open source that gives the startup the freedom to hire inhouse when they are ready. By also having all the code be ready for SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI compliance startups will be able to get compliance quickly. Lastly, all work is accomplished by a global gig workforce seamlessly allowing work to be completed quickly using standard procedures.

“opsZero takes care of all aspects of running DevOps for startups as they are building and scaling their businesses,” says Abhi Yerra, CEO of opsZero. “We accelerate their growth while reducing lock-in.”

opsZero is a high touch exeperience for customers. We work through a Shared Slack channel and use a platform that detects common problems within the infrastructure. Work is aggregated into a common pool where it is acted upon quickly by a global gig worker while an inhouse employee gets the work out the door. Every implementation makes the open source code better, allowing for faster delivery to customers.

“We really appreciate all of the hard work you’ve been in to help us get off the ground and really scale ,” says Gil.

Go to opszero.com to get started.


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External FAQ#

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Internal FAQ#

What are the services?#

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Counter Positioning#

The Counter Positioning of the Company is through Financial Engineering and Value Creation.

  • Financial Engineering

    • Reduce Taxes as much as possible

    • Increase

  • Value Creation

    • Build systems to launch companies

    • Focused Market and Low-Cost Leadership

Comparative Advantage#

The Goal of all of our businesses is to have a single Assembly Line where any input has actions that results in an output. We must make this one of the primary things we do and figure out how to effectively optimize and create outcomes from it. And we must constantly optimize this singular Assembly Line so that we bring down the cost of doing the task and remove all variability from the tasks so that we can scale the outcomes. The Assembly Line needs to be run by the Crowd as much as possible.

  • Strengths

    • Sales

      • Process

    • Value Creation

      • Gig Economy Creation

    • Value Delivery

      • Kubernetes Expertise

      • DevOps Expertise

    • Finance

      • Low Cost Margin Loans

  • Weaknesses

    • Sales

    • Marketing

      • B2C

      • Social Media

      • Design

    • Value Delivery

      • Hiring and Delegation

      • Repeatability

      • Marketplaces

      • Content Marketing

    • Value Creation

      • Product Development

      • Investing in New Ideas

    • Finance

      • Risk Taking

Scale Economics#

Our ability to generate scale economics is contingent on solving for the problem of DevOps, Kubernetes, Serverless and APIs independently. Further, we must be additive in our business lines not

The way to achieve scale economics for Kubernetes and Serverless is to increase process and automation. Every iteration we should find ways to reduce variability more and more to the point where we can have a standardized procedure. This reduces costs and allows us to build quicker if we figure out how to to use gig workers for specialized work.

APIs provide us the ability to generate recurring revenue and to do so we must build technology to quickly create new offerings powered by the Platform fed by the repeatable process we created with Kubernetes and Serverless. As we generate more APIs and improve the quality we can increase the number of customers we can handle and increase our margins.

Sales and Value Delivery are the two primary mechanisms for generating scale.

Network Effect#

For Kubernetes our network effect will be driven by doing good work for our customers which will drive them to send referrals to us. This setup will be our bread and butter until Serverless becomes a primary method of developing software.

For Serverless the network effect will be driven by reducing costs over time to the point where we are the most cost effective producers of APIs. As we reduce costs we will naturally become a primary choice for companies.

Our ability to build the best of breed APIs will be the most significant way of capturing value. The more people use our APIs the more they will refer others to use the same APIs allowing us to improve them.

Switching Cost#

The primary way we increase switching costs for our customers is by locking them into our APIs. The more we can relay our customers towards our APIs or having them use us to create custom APIs for them the better we will be in capturing the value.


If we are successful no one will ever hear about yerraco itself and the only interaction will be through our ventures.

Our brand power is conditioned on being everywhere where an API is sold. We must appear in all third party marketplaces and be a primary provider of solid APIs that our potential customers see. Our brand must be marked with high quality and high ROI. Further, we must drive our business to be everywhere with partnerships with every company providing an API.

We are a DevOps agency focused on helping startups Build, Deploy, and Distribute Kubernetes and Serverless Apps.


Our process powers from optimizing two things:

  • Sales Process

  • Value Delivery Process