Challanger Sale#

  • Listen

  • Ask Questions, Lead Them

  • Empathy

  • Say Little, This is Therapy

  • Slow Down, When Speaking

  • Put Things in Customer Benefit

  • Be funny :)

Step 1: The Warmer#

“We are seeing the following three things at other companies like yours. Is there something you’d like to add? ”This is you are starting with a hypothesis of the company. What other companies have you worked at that face similar situations. Make it three things specifically

Get more data back.

Step 2: The Reframe#

Need to have something to the customer which is a reframe. Not a I totally agree but a , “huh, that is interesting” It needs to SHOCK. If you fail to give this “huhhow interesting: then you failed the sale because they already though through of how to do it themselves. Time to break the news that their problems will not be solved with the solution they’ve imagined.*Get within their OODA cycle and throw them into chaos so that they have to reframe and reorient their decision making process around you.

Shock Them Have to create a huh / that’s right

Step 3: Rational Drowning#

They need to really feel like that they need this solution. Make them consider the opportunity. Do not mention youself at all.Reframe it with solid data. Why is this important?

Give examples of why this is important

Step 4: Emotional Impact#

Customer has to see themselves in the story you are telling with the solution.You have to paint a picture of other companies like the customer who went down a similar path by engaging in behavior that the customer will immediately recognize as typical of their own company.Help them glimpse into the future.During a successful Emotional Impact step, your audience will feel personally connected to your presentation because you’re giving them a scenario that resembles their own situation.*Relate to pain. Create a story that helps them feel the pain.What is the unhappy ending here?

Have them be in the picture but the ending doesn’t look good.

Step 5: A New Way#

Talk about solutions not about you. Talk about what the solution can do. I.e What the capabilities of the new system would be. How to go about it.Convince them thow much better they would be if they acted differently.They have to buy a solution before they buy your solution.Tell alternate story with a happy ending.

Tell a solution.Something that could be generic.

Step 6: Our Solution#

Demonstrate how our solution is much better than anything else out there. Tell them how we have experience in solving that exact need. How we have created a solution that allows them to figure out how to scale and grow.

Tell them how our solution is better.